COVID-19 Update

Dear Customers & Suppliers,

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues and global governments act to limit the spread of the virus, the management of Worldwide Pharma Logistics B.V. has and continues to take what is deems to be the appropriate measures in order to protect the safety and health of our employees and our customers, whilst maintaining the logistics and transportation (national and international) services we provide.

One thing is certain: Even in these difficult times Worldwide Pharma Logistics B.V. remains fully operational for you! We have found flexible internal solutions for our employees and their families to do our part in containing the coronavirus. At the same time, we can ensure that the containers and or boxes you have ordered will be prepared and transported and that everyone gets the goods they need in time. For you, this means you will always get the same quality and service that you expect from us.

As you will appreciate this unique situation is evolving constantly. Worldwide Pharma Logistics management teams are taking proactive action aligned to our contingency planning, but we also remain aware of the need for dynamic solutions and decisions to changing events. Our high-level key (but not only) areas of focus are:


To safeguard the welfare of our employees, customers’ employees, suppliers’ employees and the public, particularly where Worldwide Pharma Logistics B.V. interacts with these individuals.

Business Continuity:

Maintain and instigate business recovery activities, as a result of the major supply chain disruptions which are and will continue to occur across the industry.

You can still rely on us!