About us

Worldwide Pharma Logistics WWPL is specialized in the logistics industry for food and drugs. WWPL is a Warehousing and Logistics Company based in Beverwijk that offers temperature controlled storage, transport and consultancy. With 37 years of experience in Pharma & Logistics & IT WWPL provides high quality services to local pharmaceutical, biotechnological and life science customers. Our experience in warehousing, temperature-controlled transport and consultancy enables us to contribute to the success of our customers. WWPL is a Network Station for va-Q-tec, we provides container fulfilment services for high volume temperature sensitive pharmaceutical shipments. Our facility has been qualified by va-Q-tec’s Quality Assurance Department and our local operators have been trained and certified for container receipt, quality-check, storage, pre-conditioning, release processes and transport.

About va-Q-tec va-Q-tec provides temperature controlled pharma solutions and global “LOAD & GO” container rental services for unique temperature ranges on a one-way rental basis. Being the Advanced Passive Alternative va-Q-tainer containers transport temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals without deviations while minimizing risks and costs for va-Q-tec customers.
For more detail see website www.va-Q-tec.com

Our Business:
•Warehousing: Receipt, storage, release and pick & pack
•Rental and sales of va-Q-tec temperature controlled containers and boxes
•Transport: national and international
•Consultancy: Pharma, GDP, CSV, ICT and Customs

WWPL stands for distinctive customer care, high-quality innovative warehousing, transport and consultancy, this all on a cost efficient bases. This enables us to deliver consistent value and dependability to our customers. As a result of this we create growth and develop all opportunities. WWPL creates a safe and pleasant work environment for our employees.

“We are dedicated to provide quality and services that generate superior value to our customers and business partners.”

WWPL wants to make a significant contribution to the quality of healthcare logistics and thus to the well-being of people. As a logistic service provider , WWPL focuses on a leading position in pharma warehousing, transportation, and consultancy, WWPL wants to be seen and recognized as an innovative, reliable and flexible quality organization with an excellent reputation, with our business partners we have a worldwide powerful network and fun in what we do.