Due the fact that we have a total of 37 years of experience in pharma warehousing , transport and consultancy (GDP, CSV, ICT and Customs) we are absolutely convinced that we as logistic service provider are key players now and in the future in the end to end supply chain for our customers.

We firmly believe in the motto that customers come first. Therefore our customers remains our priority and we serve them 24/7.

Worldwide Pharma Logistics, WWPL has grown from 400m2 in the beginning 3 year ago to 3500m2 now, with ambient (+15 °C till +25 °C), refrigerated (+2 °C till +8 °C) and freeze (-25 °C till -15 °C) storage, off course all temperatures and humidity are monitored.

The warehouse is fully GDP compliant and the request for GDP audit at the minister of health is pending.

Our warehouse is certified by the MP and has the status of regulated agent our RA number is NL/RA/00587-00
In the nearby future our warehouse will be also AEO certified, the expected end of this project is Q4 2020.

You can safely store your products for the short and long term. We are able to pick orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. WWPL uses the best rates, which are built in a competitive and transparent way.

We are happy to share more information about our storage rates with you, please contact us for more information.