Worldwide Pharma Logistics WWPL can take care of all your transportation with our own trucks and certified employees.

WWPL has the following means:

  1. Tautliners for transportion of temperature controlled containers up to seven hours drive from Beverwijk
  2. Refrigerated trailers for temperature controlled transportation
  3. For liquid transportation we have the possibility of 26000 liter tank container which can be put on temperature control
  4. Container chassis for transportation from and to harbours, with 20 ft or 40 ft containers and / or reefers
  5. The above container chassis can also if needed be foreseen with a genset.

Due the fact that WWPL is based in Beverwijk, with all nearby airports (AMS, BRU, LGG, FRA) having a big focus on pharma. We as WWPL are based strategically at the begin gateway of Europe for import and to the rest of world for the export. We are nearby the harbour of Amsterdam, 1 hour away to the port of Rotterdam and 2 hours to the port of Antwerp for your sea shipments. We drive in 25 min by truck to Schiphol center and south East, 2 ½ hours away from Bru cargo in Belgium.

For temp controlled airfreight WWPL is a Network station for va-Q-Tec containers and we are happy to be part of their worldwide network and for this we can serve you with our containers in all known pharma temperature ranges ambient, refrigerated and freeze and below. For further details of the possibilities please contact us.

Global container availability:

Standard temperature ranges:

For small shipments and temperature ranges we have a wide range of transport boxes, called va-Q-proof and / or va-Q-one.

va-Q-proof is a qualified thermal packaging solution with high performance features. The modular va-Q-proof system is multifunctional and as versatile as your requirements may be. Choose between 8 different sizes, 5 temperature ranges and one setup per temperature range.
• 8 different sizes with an interior volume of 11 – 74 litres
• 5 temperature ranges:
-50 °C … -30 °C,
-35 °C … -25 °C,
-25 °C … -15 °C,
+2 °C … +8 °C,
+15 °C … +25 °C
Application: Long-distance transport of temperature sensitive goods like medicine, pharma or biotechnology products. Specifically, suitable for clinical trial shipments. For further details of the possibilities feel free to contact ua at any time.

WWPL is a recognized air freight agent also, all our drivers have the necessary paperwork. In short WWPL can handle all your air cargo. We drive daily to Schiphol, where we can also deliver your cargo safely to the airlines. WWPL has several ACN certified drivers, so we can also load and unload on the strictly secured area of Schiphol.
Import and / or export, WWPL can provide the whole package for you.